Step, Sing, and Dance Your Heart Out

At Timezone Singapore, dancing and karaoke fans can indulge in Dance Dance Revolution (also lovingly abbreviated as DDR) and the sensational Pump It Up (PIU) game, where you can match your steps with mesmerising visuals and catchy tracks. 

For those who are captivated by traditional beats, try out Taiko no Tatsujin — a beloved Japanese drum game. Feel the rhythm as you play, experiencing a fusion of traditional and contemporary tracks. The newer maimai DX offers a blend of touchscreen and physical button inputs, ensuring players are always on their toes.

Master the Moves

Each dance game machine at Timezone is designed to offer players an immersive experience. Beginners can start with easier levels, gradually upping the ante as they get the hang of it. Seasoned players can dive deep into the challenges, perfecting their scores on Dance Dance Revolution and other arcade dance game machine selections. And with Taiko no Tatsujin, players can refine their drumming skills, mastering the art of the beat. 

Timezone Locations with Arcade Dance Machines

Experience the rhythmic energy of Dance Dance Revolution exclusively at Timezone Orchard Xchange and Timezone Westgate. For fans of maimai DX, swing by any of these locations to dive into the rhythm: Timezone Ang Mo Kio Hub, Timezone Causeway Point, Timezone Jurong Point, Timezone Northpoint City, Timezone Orchard Xchange, Timezone Our Tampines Hub, Timezone Plaza Singapura, Timezone VivoCity, and Timezone Westgate.  

Once you’ve danced to your heart’s content, don’t forget to explore the wide variety of other Arcade Games at Timezone. Swipe your Timezone Powercard, earn Powertickets, and redeem exciting rewards at the Timezone Prize Shop. Ready to unleash your dance moves? Timezone’s music games await!


The above information is correct at the time of writing. They are subjected to change. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Arcade Dance Games

Dance Dance Revolution, commonly known as DDR, is a pulsating rhythm game that has taken arcades by storm for decades. Players stand on a dance platform with directional arrows and must step on these arrows in sync with the ones displayed on the screen. As energetic music tracks play, players have to match their steps to the rhythm and the patterns of arrows scrolling vertically. 

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is designed for all skill sets, with levels ranging from Beginner to Challenge. Beginner eases players in with basic patterns, while Basic offers varied sequences. Difficult ramps up speed and complexity, and Expert tests seasoned players with intricate patterns. The Challenge level delivers unpredictable sequences and maximum speed, pushing players to their absolute limits.

While both Pump It Up (PIU) and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) are iconic rhythm-based dance games, they have distinct differences. PIU features a dance pad with five arrows — one at each corner and a centre panel, whereas DDR's pad has four arrows pointing up, down, left, and right. Their song libraries also differ, with PIU often showcasing K-pop tracks and DDR having a more varied international list.