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First & Only Drift Bumper Cars in Singapore!

Get ready to experience a whole new level of excitement and adrenaline as we unveil the first and only Drift Bumper Cars ride in Singapore, exclusively at Timezone Jurong Point. If you're a thrill-seeker looking for an electrifying adventure, look no further!

The Thrill of Drifting and Speed Combined

Step into the driver's seat and prepare for an unforgettable ride. Our Drift Bumper Cars offer an exhilarating combination of speed and skill as you master the art of drifting. Feel the rush as you navigate twists, turns, and corners with precision.

Enhanced Fun and Excitement Awaits!

We've taken the classic Bumper Cars experience and cranked up the fun factor to a whole new level. Our Drift Bumper Cars provide enhanced excitement and entertainment, making it an absolute must-try for thrill-seekers of all ages.

  • Unmatched Thrills: Experience the thrill of drifting and racing in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Unique Attraction: Be among the first to enjoy this ride, found only at Jurong Point.
  • Compete and Challenge: Test your driving skills as you compete with others.

First & Only Drift Bumper Cars at Timezone Jurong Point!

The Drift Bumper Cars are only available at Timezone Jurong Point - one of the largest venues apart from Orchard Xchange.

Get ready to rev your engines and drift into a world of fun and excitement. Visit us at Jurong Point and experience the thrill of Singapore's first and only Drift Bumper Cars.

Available Locations


Frequently Asked Questions about Timezone Singapore’s Drift Bumper Cars


Drivers need to be at least 130 cm to drive the Drift Bumper Cars, while passenger needs to be at least 105 cm. An adult must accompany children between 105 and 130 cm and can only be seated in the passenger seat. 


Please refer to the safety guidelines here. Our staff at Timezone Jurong Point will also provide safety instructions to all riders/passengers before the commencement of the ride. We seek your cooperation to follow the safety guidelines to ensure a safe and fun ride for all guests.