Virtual Reality Games, Dance Dance Revolution and More

Are your children feeling stressed with upcoming deadlines or examinations? There is no better way to help them destress and blow off some steam by allowing them to lose themselves in the world of fun at Timezone! Forget about bringing your kids to various attractions in Singapore, the arcade is the place to be when it comes to helping your kids forget about their worries. 

Whether they prefer having a virtual shootout with a couple of zombies in a virtual reality game, dancing it out with their best buddies or pretending to be a racecar driver in a car racing game, there will definitely be a mini game or two in our arcades that they will love.

Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It Up

Strut your best dance moves on Timezone’s dancefloor or dance your worries away with your favourite tracks playing in the background over a game of Dance Dance Revolution or Pump It Up

Monster Catcher

Combine forces with your friend in this two-player game to bring each level to a good end! Hop from platform to platform and pick up all gems and defeat the monsters.

Zombie Outbreak

Players can use water guns to freeze the zombies and defeat the ‘boss’ in each level. You can partner with a friend and move up the 4 levels together.


Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a beautiful and fun 6-player game with plenty of new surprises! Try to push as many points and cards off the playfield and get as many points as you can and win!

Spongebob Pineapple

Players must skillfully time the release of a token through moving targets to drop tokens, win free plays and score cards that fall over the edge. Total of 9 collectable cards, not only are they beautifully designed but they have fun facts about the characters.

Feel the Fun!

Experience the excitement with Youtuber Umehara Keiji as he scores (or epic fails!) at Timezone Jurong Point!

Visit Timezone Today!

With plenty of Timezone arcades spotted across the island, you will have no problem finding one near you. Surprise your kids by bringing them to the best arcade in Singapore today!