World’s #1 Video Game comes to Timezone!

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is finally here! Be the first to play the game in Southeast Asia when you visit Timezone VivoCity Flagship, Parkway Parade, and Westgate. Come prepared, as you can expect an action-packed adventure where you’ll get to explore various missions and defeat enemies!

Conquer the Quest Solo or Together

In Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, you can brave the dungeons alone or play with up to FOUR PLAYERS! These quests are where you’ll use a diverse range of weapons to battle through hordes of dangerous enemies and monstrous bosses across nine unique levels!

Collect them all!

Before you start your game on the machine, receive collectable cards from one of the five categories - Melee, Range, Armor, Pet or Skin. Look out for rare cards and exchange these with other players of Minecraft Dungeons. Use them to customise your Minecraft Dungeons Arcade character and bolster your battles, making each play unique! 

9 Unique Adventures

Complete any two levels to unlock the secret 9th stage. All levels in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade offer over 100 minutes of heart-pounding, fast-paced gameplay. It will keep all adventurers coming back for more! 

Redeem Minecraft Merchandise

It's Minecraft Madness at our Prize Shop! Redeem Official Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Merchandise from as low as 750 e-tickets each. Think accessories, blankets and even Minecraft LEGOs featuring your favourite heroes or monsters!

Where To Play Minecraft Dungeons Arcade

Find Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machines at the following Timezone Entertainment Centres in Singapore:


Timezone VivoCity Flagship

Timezone Parkway Parade

Timezone Westgate


Visit the Timezone locations near you to get your fix of dungeon-crawling fun!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Game

Collected from the machine before each gameplay, these cards enrich the experience of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade and may even be the key to your adventure's success. They equip players with necessary power-ups like weapons, armour, pets, and heroes!


You may play Minecraft Dungeons on PC, console and cloud, but there are differences between these and the arcade version!

The Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machines allow players to encounter arcade-special mobs like the obsidian monstrosity, mages, and new variants of both jungle and frozen zombies. Visit Timezone Entertainment Centres in Singapore today and challenge yourself!