A New Challenge Every Time

Each Pinball Machine, with its intricate designs, thematic narratives, and captivating soundtracks, offers a distinct adventure. Whether you're revisiting an old classic or exploring the latest release, the machines at Timezone Entertainment Centres are built for unabashed fun, with responsive flippers, smooth ramps, and dazzling lights galore.

Timeless Fun for All Ages

For newcomers and seasoned players, Timezone offers an immersive experience with a diverse lineup of Pinball Machines. Each game starts with the initial ball launch, often referred to as the plunge. Take note: a controlled plunge can help you aim for specific targets or lanes, starting your game with a potential bonus! 

As you advance in skill, the "trap and hold" technique then becomes crucial. By capturing the ball on one of the flippers, you can aim and shoot with precision. It's this hands-on interaction paired with the game's unpredictable nature that keeps kids and adults coming back for just "one more game".

Timezone Locations with Pinball Machines

Beyond pinball thrills, Timezone boasts an extensive assortment of fun activities to play with friends and family. Don’t forget to grab your Timezone Powercard to gather Powertickets, which can then be traded for exciting prizes at the Timezone Prize Shop. It’s time to experience a world of amusement with Pinball Machines at Timezone Entertainment Centres!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pinball Machines

To play a pinball machine, players launch a ball onto the playfield using a spring-loaded plunger. As the ball moves, players use flippers, typically controlled by buttons on the machine's sides, to redirect the ball and hit various targets. The objective is to accumulate points by striking these targets and preventing the ball from "draining" at the bottom. 

In pinball, controlling the ball is an art of precision and timing. Experienced players employ techniques like "trap and hold" to deliberately stop the ball, essentially trapping it against the flipper and the side of the playfield. This action allows the player to pause momentarily, plan their next shot, and then release the ball when ready. With every round, you'll find yourself mastering tricks like “trap and hold”, giving you more control over the game. 

Pinball seamlessly combines strategy, skill, and chance, offering an ever-evolving challenge that keeps players hooked. Each pinball game feels unique with the ball taking unpredictable routes, ensuring no two rounds are alike even on the same machine. Add to this the themed tables and dynamic sound effects, and it becomes clear why pinball remains a timeless favourite.