All Timezone venues has re-open on 4 July 2020 and our new operating hours are updated. You can find out here. For everyone’s safety, we will be implementing safety measures in our venues.

Entering Timezone

• No Mask, No Play: All guests must wear a mask at all times.
• Check In: Register your arrival time using the SafeEntry app to facilitate contact tracing.
• Be Cool: Guests who register a temperature of 37.5C or higher will not be allowed to enter.
• Limited Capacity: Occupancy limits will apply.

Play Etiquette

• Clean Hands: Sanitise your hands before playing a game.
• Safe Distance: Keep at least one-meter distance from the next person at all times.
• Be Gracious: Give others a chance to play by not hogging a game for too long.

Timezone Safe Zone

• Keep Clean: Hourly surface cleaning for all games using NEA-grade materials.
• Safety Features: Safety screens are installed between games. High-touch surfaces are coated with self-disinfecting coating treatment.
• Stay Cool: Temperature checks for FunSquad, twice per shift.
• Follow the Signs: Follow the safety guidelines and signages.
• Safe Hands: Disinfect your hands with 75% alcohol sanitisers that are available throughout the venue.

Game Credits and E-tickets

• The validity of game credits and e-tickets stored in Powercards will automatically be extended equivalent to the time of closure. Example:
26 March 2020 - game credit purchase date/last game play
26 March 2021 - original expiry date
27 March - 30 April - closure (35 days)
30 April 2021 - new expiry date
• Paper tickets will be temporarily suspended. E-tickets will be automatically credited into your Powercards.


• Birthday vouchers will be reissued after re-opening. You will have 60 days to redeem this member benefit.
• Platinum members will receive their drink benefit via email, the following Friday after we re-open.

Prizes and Parties

• Voucher redemption will be available from 8 July onwards.
• All prize collections will be done from Timezone venues upon re-opening.
• Guests may still browse in the Prize Shop but we are implementing a maximum number of people at a given time depending on the venue size.
• Please reach out to us at [email protected] to plan your event.