Social Bowling for the Whole Squad

Comfy seats make it great for group hangs with shorter lanes for easy strikes. With standard-sized balls, it still feels like real bowling. With Tap 'N' Play, it's convenient to keep playing uninterrupted. Plus there's zero hassle of changing shoes.


Mini Bowling, Big on Fun!

Perfect for kiddies and even grandpas and grannies! Smaller balls fit in the palm of their hands which makes it easy to get a STRIIIIKE! Plus different game modes and photo capture make playing a blast!


Not your regular Air Hockey

Joker vs Batman Laughing Madness is not your regular air hockey. During the game, a barrage of mini pucks will be launched into the playing field making for a crazy exciting game.

A first in Timezone!

Roll-a-ball is a derby race game where you will need to roll your ball into one of three speed zones, activating your racer to move towards the finish line. A first in Timezone!